Custom Build or Tier One SI ?

Published by Andrew McLean on 11th Jul 2018



Why buy custom built from an independent SI? Sure, there’s always the confidence associated with buying from a big brand but, in the professional/ enterprise sector, there are many factors to consider when investing in a server or workstation.

Large tier one system integrators tend to offer online ranges of set specification systems. Often their offerings may be underpowered for your needs or, ridiculous overkill with no other offering in-between that will suit your requirements. Custom building means you can design the machine precisely for its task without spending/ wasting money on superfluous parts/ features that you’ll never use. A quality system integrator will offer a personal service to discuss your requirements and tailor a machine specifically for your needs. They’ll also only use genuine parts from approved suppliers and ensure upgradability is factored into the machine to further protect your investment.

But what about the security/ warranty/ guarantees and familiar reassurance you get with a large tier one brand? Well that’s just it. That’s what they are…. a brand. They all started small. They all use genuine parts from all the top brands such as intel and Samsung. They all offer warranties including onsite support contracts. They all have relationships with vendors and manufacturers. They all produce good systems.

We do too…. but ‘good’ is not good enough.

The difference is we treat every order as a project right from the first point of contact with the customer. Before they talk to us about price/ competitor systems or quotes we ask them to pause for a moment and tell us what the task of their new machine is, what provisions for additions/ upgrades may be required, timeframe of expected ROI and any special software configurations needed. From this initial conversation, a preliminary build is specified tailored exactly to the customer’s needs and expectations. Once approved we go ahead and build, install, configure, test and ship along with the customer’s chosen Warranty SLA.

Custom OS installs, supplied & tweaked to your specification, are a base line standard and we ensure that all firmware, BIOS & drivers are the latest available from the relevant manufacturer. We also install all OS patches and updates followed by 24 hr torture testing with test certificate. Each system gets a unique serial number and we do not use any agents, service centres or call centres, meaning you deal direct with our experts all the time, every time.

Your business needs aren't 'off the peg', neither are our systems.

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Affordable AI is here

Published by Andrew McLean on 4th Jul 2018


From stunning industrial design to advanced special effects to complex scientific visualisation, NVIDIA Quadro is the world’s preeminent visual computing platform. Trusted by millions of creative and technical professionals to accelerate their workflows, only Quadro has the most advanced ecosystem of hardware, software and tools to transform the disruptive challenges of today into business successes of tomorrow.

The NVIDIA Quadro GV100 is reinventing the workstation to meet the demands of next-generation ray tracing, AI, simulation, and VR enhanced workflows. It’s powered by NVIDIA Volta, delivering the extreme memory capacity, scalability, and performance that designers, architects, and scientists need to create, build, and solve the impossible.

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Industrial Solutions

Published by Andrew McLean on 29th Jun 2018


Industrial server solutions are now available on our solutions site.

Rugged, stable, reliable and powerful. Regardless of how tough your work environment is, we have the solution to survive the abuse. Talk to our OEM team for full custom applications or configure yours today at


Inside our builds

Published by Andrew McLean on 28th Jun 2018


If you're interested in seeing our workmanship at be sure to browse our Instagram build log. We regularly update it with Hi-Res photo's of completed builds and builds in progress.


What our customers say.....

Published by Andrew McLean on 26th Jun 2018


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