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We love our customers and our customers love us. Feedback from our customers is really important and we ask all of our customers for feedback on both their orders and the products they have bought. It is really important to Server Case UK as a company to improve the satisfaction of our customers and understand where we can improve as a company. Please view some of our recent customer feedback.

24 November 2020
Fantastic service!
I needed a low-powered MiniITX case with 4 hot-swappable drive bays for my new FreeNAS server. Scouring the internet, I came across the In-Win IW-MS04-01 case, which I thought was perfect for my build. Amazon had it priced for about ~£20 more than, albeit both sold by the same retailer, so I decided to order it directly; delivery was free for me, so it was a no-brainer. My order was placed, and I had confirmation not long after that my parcel was scheduled arrive the following day via DPD. Sure enough, my delivery was received on time as expected. My buying experience, like others, has been an absolutely positive one - I just can't fault the folks behind In fact, a day after I received my item, they had assigned me an account manager, and followed up with me to make sure everything was satisfactory. My new FreeNAS build is now up and running and has taken over from my now retired Synology. If you're in need of a server-related hardware, you can't go wrong with ordering from Thanks chaps 👍
Sibtain Bandali
16 November 2020
2nd time ordering and not disapointed
I ordered two rackcases a month ago and they arrived promptly next day at a really good price too. A month later I again turned to ServerCase UK this time for hotswap drive cases. They rang to apologise (rare with companies today) that there may be a two week wait. The drives came the following day. Fabulous service folks, well done. Would highly recommend.
Graham Essenhigh
15 November 2020
Really helpful
I needed a rackmount case for a studio PC, to be delivered next day. I found the case I wanted, but after purchasing I realised that it was not in stock for immediate delivery. However SC UK went above and beyond, getting the case to me only a day later than I had planned despite having to ship it from Germany. Pretty amazing!
Tom Griffiths
13 November 2020
Great service
Great service and quick delivery. Regular updates on progress are useful. Great server case, as described, at good price.
13 November 2020
Exactly as described
I seldom have to buy server cases, but when I do I'm usually confident I can get what I need here and when I have asked questions in the past they've been helpful and found what I'm looking for. Would definitely recommend
Matthew Hall
10 November 2020
Great customer service, Easy to order from, highly recommend.
I ordered a 4u rackmount case and was very pleased with the service I received. I placed the order on a Friday, and my item arrived the following Monday. I received multiple email's and text messages updating me of when my parcel would arrive. I could not be happier and would gladly order from ServerCase uk again.
Joshua Williamson
10 November 2020
Fast delivery and great customer service
Came across Server Case when googling for a case to build a NAS box for a client of mine and was amazed by the collection of cases they had and good prices. I had got use to finding cases with space for fair few hard drives being really expensive or just not available in the UK. I then found a tower case that met my spec and proceed to order just as the next day cut off was coming up, unfortunately my computer had a moment and the payment page didn't load... Redone the order and all went through fine. Then found I had placed the order twice but one was pending payment on one, quick phone call and service assistant straight away saw the order and was able to quickly sort. Despite my issue when ordering it still arrived nextday despite just missing the cut off. Really pleased with the case and will be using again.
Joby Castlo-Hall
01 November 2020
Can't fault
First time of using, but won't be the last. Very easy to find and order the case I wanted. Shipping charge was very good, and speed of delivery was brilliant. Email communication is brilliant, and you know exactly where your order is and when it's going arrive. Can't praise them enough, other than to say, I will be ordered more cases (and probably other bits) from them again. Thank you.
Richard Humphries
29 October 2020
3u Server Chassis Purchase
Purchased a short depth 3u chassis, delivery was fast using my favourite delivery company (DPD). Product was good considering how cheap it was. Not a lot of thought into long term maintenance (16 screws to add something in the 5.25" bays), so I'm glad I won't be tinkering with it too often.
Martyn Hodder
26 October 2020
Super fast delivery of top quality product
Ordered a single server chassis for a home lab build. Going to order more soon. Chassis arrived super fast. Well packaged. Quality product. No complaints. Will be buying again.
Alan McGuinness
26 October 2020
Great server case for home lab
This is a fantastic server case for my home lab. There's plenty of room for the hardware inside (though as previously mentioned, using a microATM mobo makes the bottom HDD slot in each caddy unusable). The case is very sturdy and the handles feel nice and secure. The case comes with 4 fans pre-installed which is plenty to give it enough airflow. One only small complaint I've got is that in order to remove HDD and 5.25" caddies you do need a relatively long reach philips screwdriver (especially the 5.25" caddy screws by the side wall). Overall I am very happy with the quality of this case.
Remigijus Vainoris
24 October 2020
Quick processing. Next day delivery.
Everything went fantastic with my purchase. If I have one suggestion is that the product dimensions could be added for non-standard PSUs for a quick fitting check, but in my case it wasn't necessary.
23 October 2020
My go to vendor for server cases
Rapid delivery of excellent products
Andrew B
22 October 2020
Review of my last order
Just ordered and received Logic Case SC-4450SG and Logic Case SC-4324. The delivery to central Europe was fast, delivered in under 2 days. Must say these racks are good quality products for the price, everything fits together nicely and you get all the necessary screws etc. in the package. Keep up the good work! cheers, Lukrs
21 October 2020
Rapid postage . Top quality server case packed perfectly.
I have received it next day as it was stated on website. The Product is exactly as on photos. Really well packaged and top quality materials.
Grzegorz Stencel
14 October 2020
Smooth purchase
Purchase was smooth and delivery was quick
Sophie Bhutta
12 October 2020
Good product and fast shipment
Really good product with well done finish.
Patrice L
11 October 2020
Server case SC-4324
Hi, have not use it yet, but very satisfied whit the fast delivery to Denmark
Jan Poulsen
11 October 2020
Reliable and Fast
I've bought from here a few times over the years for consumer purposes (single items) and ive never had a problem with delivery, the parts and cases have always been of good quality, and i will continue to use Server Case UK for as long as it exists.
Marcus White
11 October 2020
Spacious and well built
Needed a new case to expand my Unraid setup. Plenty of space to fit a 12x13" EATX board and some hot swap HDD cages up front which is what I needed. Would highly recommend if you've got a deep enough rack for it.
10 October 2020
Excellent customer service!
I recently placed an order for a 4U rack case. I needed to amend the order which was no problem, I received an email response early nest morning with a follow up phone call. Delivery was 3 days to Ireland. After building the system, I had a few queries regarding the front panel connectors. Again, I receiveda prompt reply with all the relevant information. I highly recommend Server Case UK. Good prices along with great support are priceless!!! One very happy customer 😁 Thanks guys!
Kevin Donegal
09 October 2020
Quick and easy
I purchased a 1U Short Depth Chassis on the 5th October 2020 and promptly received it the next day. The order went very smoothly and both the customer service & product were excellent.
09 October 2020
I was switching my PC from a standard Mid-Tower case to a rack mounted unit. I searched the internet for cases and settled on the Logic Short Depth Chassis with High Air Flow from Server Case Uk! A decision I have not regretted. Their website is pretty good and they carry a good range of product at different price points. I appreciate that, mostly, these cases are targeted at people who may know beforehand what they are looking at but for a first timer like me, there are a few shortcomings or information lacking that should be included. I have to say this is not unique to Server Case UK and applies to all of the other sites I viewed including Logics own site. The main reason is, I like many others, like to order everything to have it ready to build. Not to have to wait for parts to arrive and realise your missing bits and need to place more orders. The following are only suggesitons of info that should be available without having to contact customer care each time you have a question. 1. It would be nice if it stated clearly that the fans shown in the image were included and specify how many. If included, some specs like the make, model, amount of air they move and noise information would be very helpful. I went out and bought a full range of Noctua fans not realising that the fans were included. To be honest, I most likely would have done this anyway. Also the type of connectors on the fans which in this case were molex. It would also be nice if it merntioned there was no filtration at all for the fans which, in my opinion, is vitally important. I had spare filters so not an issue for me. I could see how it would annoy others. 2. The maximum height for a CPU Cooler for each case. I had no issues as I already had a low profile Noctua cooler. 3. The maximum length of a GPU accepted (Without modifying or removing parts). There are many different sizes available now so this would be very helpful. My GPU is 280mm in length. (Fitted perfectly in my case). In some cases however with more hard driive cages etc it might prove a problem. 4. Make the images available better for enlargement. I use a 42" monitor and struggled in many cases to get the images to a size where I could see the detail of the case. (A little less important than the others) After placing the original order, I decided I needed additional product and sent a message. This was no problem and the product was added with no difficulty just an easy online payment with my card. I even received a call from a nice rep named Lee! After installing the motherboard and having no previous experience of rack mounted cases, I was left with a few front panel connectors with no apparent place to put them. I sent a message through to their customer service and received a very quick response from non other than Lee. All in all I cannot fault the service from this company and have every confidence they will give me support going forward. The package arrived to the Donegal in Northwest Ireland within 3 days. The added items were included. It was very well packaged. I had the system, built in about an hour and up and running. All in all very satisfied customer. I would highly recommend Server Case UK purely for the customer service, which with many other suppliers, is often lacking. That, to me at least, is priceless!
Kevin Donegal
02 October 2020
All Good! (As usual)
I keep ordering from ServerCase - the selection and price are good and the customer support is always quick and helpful. I will continue to use them for the foreseable future! I'm an expat living in Germany and the shipping time is pretty good - last time it was 3 days with DPD. Order with confidence :)
Owen Thompson
29 September 2020
Quick delivery without any issues
Got absolutely no complaints. The case and PSU was shipped quickly and without hassle. Even arrived earlier than expected.
Jesse Schokker
29 September 2020
Brilliant Service
Brilliant service even when needing to return, swiftly dealt with. Looking forward to ordering from again.
Matthew Moore
27 September 2020
Best Price, Next Day
Best price, next day shipping when Scan let me down! Server Case quality is great. Top stuff!
Tom Taylor
26 September 2020
Perfect customer care
Order went smoothly in the first place, had some follow up exchange regarding an item. Everything went smoothly with a fast response from the team. Delivery was also fast and everything arrived in order. Completely satisfied.
Hamelin Alex
22 September 2020
Great company, great products
A company that listens to its customers, and is willing to customise its products to meet the customers needs. Brilliant pricing with the personal touch in customer service.
Basil Wlaszyn
17 September 2020
Great communication. Very fast shipping.
Blagovest Lazarov



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