Custom Built Servers

Server Case can design and build your server or professional workstation, here in the UK.

Our build facility - Systems being assembled
Our build facility - ESD protection and assembly
Our build facility - Example of assembled system ready for testing
Our build facility - Compact NAS build ready

What is Server Store?

We created Server Store in 2015 as an online platform to allow our customers to configure and purchase servers very easily online.

We have over 100 base models to choose from and have designed these for both general purpose requirements as well as targeting specific markets that we work closely within, such as CCTV and Broadcast.

The website allows customers to easily find a server base model and configure it to their exact requirements in real-time, including CPU, RAM and HDD/SSD. Customers can also choose their OS, RAID/HBA controller and more.

We’ve been building custom servers and workstations for over 12 years at our own UK based purpose-built facility.

We build custom systems from all major brands to include Logic Case, In-Win, Supermicro and Asus. We also configure barebones from the Tier One vendors such as HPE and DELL.

Once we have selected the correct chassis for your bespoke build we will integrate server or workstation motherboards from Supermicro or Asus. For our more industrial based systems we utilise DFI and ASRock Rack.

Our Build Facility Key Facts

  • We build all systems in our custom-built facility on-site in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.
  • Full air conditioning allowing many high-performance systems to be ran on test at any time.
  • Each build station has high power capacity, individually isolated, so one build station will not cause disruption to others and interrupt any critical testing – which could otherwise cause delays.
  • All our servers undergo a 24 hour burn in test using stress testing software. We can also provide extended stress testing for any period required. We can also provide full test certificates. Stress testing is normally done on CPU, RAM and HDD/SSD. It can also be done on network and graphics.
  • We have 6 double width build stations, allowing 12 systems to be built at any one time. We have capacity to double this in the space we have. We have testing racks allowing for over 20 machines to be tested individually.
  • Our build facility is fully ESD compliant. The flooring conforms to ESD requirements and is individually grounded. Each build station also has independent hook-ups for ESD wrist straps. ESD grounded mats are also used for component assembly.
  • Our build processes and procedures have been carefully designed and improved upon over the years and adhere to our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Please call us on 01283 576162 or contact us to discuss your requirements.



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