Leasing is offered on purchases over £1,000.00 net, our partners are The Lease Group, one of Europe's leading independent leasing companies specialising in IT and technology equipment.

We have partnered with The Lease Group, one of Europe's leading independent providers of finance demonstrating over 30 years experience within the lease arena offering outstanding  flexibility and tax efficiency.  With teams specializing in Public Sector, Private and Corporate business you are sure to find the solution for you.

Once you have decided on the equipment that best suits your needs, our finance arm and their helpful advisors are on hand to smooth the process. Our flexible funding options can then be customised to your needs.

Ambitious projects can become a reality with the aid of Server Case leasing, enhancing your organisation and its competitiveness.  Leasing can be flexible and offers a highly cost effective technology refresh to the latest equipment either at the end or at any time during the lease term.

There are indeed numerous reasons why leasing should be considered - here are a few:-

  • Leasing is available for orders of £1000+VAT or more
  • Terms of 2 - 7 years
  • Tax advantages
  • Fast credit decisions
  • Your existing facilities remain unaffected
  • Flexibility - Upgrade, make additions or settle at any point during the term


Why lease?

Leasing is considered to be one of today's mostpopular methods of financing equipment. Almost any item can be leased allowing our customers to equip their business today for an affordable monthly cost whilst preserving working capital.

What exactly is a lease?

A Lease agreement is a contract between you 'the customer' and a leasing company for the use of equipment that you have chosen from a supplier. The leasing company pays the suppliers invoice and you pay the leasing company regular monthly rentals. The impact on your cash flow is minimised and you immediately enjoy the benefits of new equipment.

Cash flow

Positive working capital is vital for the success of all businesses. Pay for the equipment as you use it and keep your hard earned cash for other future business needs.

The right equipment for your business

With a low initial payment and various terms available, leasing can help you acquire the best equipment for your business rather than what your cash resources dictate. The difference between the best solution and the cheapest solution may actually only be a small increase in your monthly payment.

What are the tax advantages of leasing?

Leasing is 100% allowable against taxable profits. This means that you enjoy tax relief on all leasing payments throughout the term of the agreement. Talk to you your accountant for further clarification.

To find out more call 01283 576162 or email us at [email protected] for further information and an indicative quotation for the leasing of your IT equipment. 

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