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Intel Core Series vs AMD Ryzen

Published by Richard Parry on 27th May 2020

The two major competitors in the processor market are undoubtably Intel and AMD. Server Case UK group will be comparing various Intel and AMD product ranges to the closest equivalent product range of the other manufacturer, to determine the differences between them and find what you should be using. This will help your business identify the best processor range for its needs and will show you how Server Case UK group can work with our partners to get you the Intel and AMD components you decide on.

The Intel core processor family is Intel’s mid-to-high end line of CPU’s, targeting consumers and workstation users. The range includes core models i3, i5, i7, i9 and, more recently, X-series CPU’s. The higher the number, the higher the performance and cost. Higher-level CPU’s also have more powerful cores, due to them having higher clock speeds. This power means the CPU’s process data quicker and allow a consistent system speed, with no sporadic drops in performance.

Beginning with the i7 series, Intel core CPU’s may have hyper-threading integrated, meaning the CPU splits its physical cores up into multiple virtual cores, called threads. This lets each core do two things simultaneously and increases the efficiency of your system by allowing it to run multiple CPU-intensive tasks at once where it couldn’t otherwise. Hyper-threading proves useful for multi-taskers who have many applications and tabs open at once, often across multiple monitors. This makes Intel Hyper-threading capable CPU’s ideal in workstations for video editors or renderers using Adobe-grade programs in their workload. However, threads are still not as good as cores are, so when AMD appeared with its Ryzen range of CPU’s with more cores at each price point than Intel, (meaning they have more threads than Intel), the competition in the market got even fiercer.

The AMD equivalent of the consumer-targeted Intel Core range is their AMD Ryzen series. This CPU range includes the Ryzen 3, 5, 7 and the most powerful; Threadripper. The Ryzen Threadripper processors start at 12 cores and 24 threads and go all the way up to 32 cores and 64 threads, making it the world’s most powerful desktop processor range. 3D rendering and video encoding, usually time-consuming, CPU intensive tasks, become quicker than they ever have been. Even a Ryzen 5 would be capable of running most workstation applications at a decent level of performance.

AMD processors generally have a good reputation for their overclocking capabilities, and the Ryzen series is no exception. By changing the motherboard settings, we can have the CPU run at higher speeds than it would originally. Doing so will have a performance increase in high-demanding applications, and will be useful within servers and workstations. So long as the motherboard they are being integrated with supports overclocking, Server Case UK Group can overclock all Ryzen CPU’s for you if you wish. The same can be done with Intel CPU’s, where the performance leap would be plenty more than the leap from an overclocked AMD CPU, but not all Intel CPU’s are overclockable, and even those that are must be paired with an overclockable motherboard which could be considered an unnecessary cost to some.

Ultimately, AMD processors excel and offer the best multi-threaded value of all processors on the market. The AMD Ryzen CPU’s contain more cores than Intel core CPU’s at the same price point, which means they also have more threads. You are getting more for your investment with a processor which can multi-task better than all competitors at its price point. If your businesses workload involves performing multiple CPU-intensive tasks at once, then the high core count and relatively cheaper cost of AMD Ryzen CPU’s will make for the better choice for your business. However, Intel are still the CPU market leader for a reason. Intel core CPU’s are better at single core tasks than Ryzen ones due to their higher general clock speed. Furthermore, AMD have only become a true competitor in these last few years, so most applications and hardware is well-optimised for Intel hardware integration. Intel is the company who has the biggest presence in the industry which always makes them the dependable choice. If you want to try AMD and what they offer, you will be equally impressed.

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Intel Core Series vs AMD Ryzen

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