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PowerNAS from Server Case UK

Published by Richard Parry on 29th Feb 2016

PowerNAS is a range of dedicated NAS products designed specifically to run all NAS applications for use both in the Home and for Business.

Our products are much more than a simple NAS appliance – they are intuitive, cost effective and expandable.  They run the industry leading software and have the latest high-quality, reliable hardware.

For Home use, choose either our PowerNAS CMA or Mini FreeNAS.

is designed to hold all your Photos, Music and Video on up to 24TB of data Storage and allows for Wireless Streaming in the Home on a variety of devices.  Not only this, but it is also useable as a Fast and Powerful Windows 8.1 Home PC

Mini FreeNAS is similar in it also holds up to 24TB of Data Storage and allows for Wireless Streaming in the Home.  However, it runs an open-source Storage Software and is capable of multiple HD Streams and Advanced Raid ZFS Data Protection

We have 3 Solutions for Business NeedsBusiness Mini, Rackmount 1U and Rackmount 2U

While the same standard size of it’s CMA and FreeNAS counterparts, the Business Mini comes pre-loaded with Windows Server 2012 and, therefore, has no need for additional user licensing.  Other features include Dual Gigabit LAN and RAID protected storage.

Our Rackmount 1U Storage Solution takes up to 4 x 6TB Hard Drives with expandability of up to more than 1 Petabyte in a single Rack.  Pre-Installed with Windows Server 2012 R2, and with Dual LAN and a redundant power supply…this is an incredibly secure and reliable ready-to-go NAS product.

Finally, the Rackmount 2U includes Dual SSD Mirrored Boot Drives, 12 x Hot-Swap Bays for up to 72 TB of RAID protected storage and is capable of 10GbE expansion.  Again with Dual Gigabit LAN, a redundant power supply and Windows Server 2012 R2 pre-installed, this is a perfect solution for the growing data needs of your business.

For more information on the PowerNAS products please visit www.powernas.co.uk

PowerNAS from Server Case UK

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