21 DEC

Tech Help - Can you mix CPU models in a dual CPU system?

Published by Richard Parry on 21st Dec 2018

I am afraid not – There’s number of requirements that must be met for a dual CPU system to work – These are;

  1. CPUs must have the same QPI and RAM speed to work together.
  2. CPUs must have the same thermal profile (TDP) to work together.
  3. The CPUs must have the same number of physical cores to work together.
  4. The CPUs must have the same number of logical cores to work together.
  5. Stepping does not matter.
  6. Clock speed does not matter.


So as a result of these requirements it wouldn’t be possible to mix for example, an E5-2603 V4 with an E5-2609 V4, as whilst the QPI and RAM speed may be the same, the number of logical and physical cores are different.

If you need to upgrade your system to add a second CPU or would like to upgrade both CPUs to refresh your system and give it a new lease of life this is something we can help you with. Our engineers can do this for you at your own premises, too. To discuss your requirements please get in touch and one of our solution specialists would be happy to help.

Tech Help - Can you mix CPU models in a dual CPU system?

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