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Tech Help - What rackmount chassis work best in flight-cases?

Published by Richard Parry on 29th Apr 2019

We really know Rackmount, so we can work with you on choosing the right chassis to go into a flight case. We also work closely with a local flight case supplier so happy to provide a full solution for you.

Flight cases aren’t that much different to a normal server or comms cabinet – They still have vertical mounting posts for equipment to attach. The biggest thing you need to think about is the rigidity of equipment. When you install equipment in a flight case it is bolted in, metal to metal. This means any movement will be harsh to installed equipment – We have seen many examples of servers with dislodged internal components due to the handling of flight cases.

Pretty much all rackmount chassis are made from the same thickness and quality of steel, usually 1.2mm SGCC. This is very thick; however, some models are a little more rigid than others and this is what is key.

We would also always recommend a server chassis with a rail kit – We’ve seen systems damaged due to the weight of the chassis hanging off the rackmount ears – When a flight case is heavy-handled then it will put a huge force on these brackets. Therefore, using a rackmount rail kit will evenly distribution the load.


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Tech Help - What rackmount chassis work best in flight-cases?

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