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Tech Help - What's the difference between Quadro and GTX / RTX?

Published by Andrew McLean on 30th Apr 2019

We are often discussing GPU use with workstation & server customers, usually to address the misconceptions surrounding professional GPU’s versus consumer GPU’s. NVIDIA’s consumer cards (GeForce) are cheaper but at what overall cost? This is the ‘real’ cost that’s often overlooked. Downtime costs a business. NVIDIA’s professional GPU’s (Quadro & Tesla) are a differenct beast in terms of both hardware & software as well as industry support/ standardisation and ISV (independent Software Vendor) co-development and certification. Here are some of the main hardware differences you should consider:

  • Server Grade components
  • Improved shielding
  • 64 Bit Double Precision
  • Professional Standard Colour Calibration
  • ECC Buffered RAM
  • Standardised Cooling
  • ONE Single Reference Design
  • Designed For 247/365 Use at Full Load
  • Sync Card/ SDI Card Compatible
  • Overlap And Bezel Correction  
  • Standard Consumer Components
  • Standard Shielding
  • 32 Bit Single Precision
  • Standard Consumer Colour Pallet
  • Varied Board Partner Coolers
  • Hundreds of Variants
  • Designed for Playing Games
  • No Add-In Card Support
  • NO Overlap or Bezel Correction Support


In addition to the physical differences, the key to the performance and reliability of professional graphics is how the software interacts with the hardware. Consumer graphics use a single unified driver architecture…. A ‘one size fits all’ driver designed to support all consumer cards and tens of thousands of gaming titles. Drivers for NVIDIA’s Quadro and Tesla ranges offer the choice between a standard driver, a performance driver and a stability driver as well as hundreds of tailored drivers co-developed buy NVIDIA and your software vendor (e.g. Autodesk), which have been tested torturously to ensure rock solid performance, compatibility and stability.

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Tech Help - What's the difference between Quadro and GTX / RTX?

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