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Tech Help - Why does my rail kit not fit?

Published by Richard Parry on 29th Apr 2019

A common question – Firstly we need to look at the rack cabinet you have and ensure you have the right rail kit for the job.

Rail kits are usually vendor specific, so a Logic Case rail kit will normally only fit on to a Logic Case chassis. A Chenbro rail kit is unlikely to work with a Logic Case chassis. In addition, many rail kits are also model specific so using a rail kit not designed to work with a specific model will also cause problems.

Secondly, we need to look at the cabinet this is going into. All our rail kits have a Minimum Closed and Maximum Open length. On some models we also specify a recommended cabinet depth. I’ll go into a bit more detail to explain these.

Minimum Closed Length

This is the length between the front and rear mounting “ears” on a rack rail kit when the rail kit is fully closed – e.g. it won’t go any smaller. For example, this minimum closed length may be 550mm, this means that if your cabinet has vertical mounting posts with a distance of less than 550mm between the front and rear mounting posts then this rail kit would not fit.

Maximum Open Length

Like the minimum closed length – This means if your rail kit is designed for up to 800mm depth this is the maximum it can open up before it is no longer stable to carry the weight of a server. So if you have a cabinet with a distance of 700mm between the front and rear mounting posts you need to choose a suitable rail between the two distances.

Recommended Cabinet Size

This is mainly as some rail kits may “stick” out of the back of a cabinet so we like to advise what this would be to minimise this happening. This is only really an issue in comms-cabinets, which aren’t typically designed for servers and only short depth. If you’re using a 550mm closed length rail kit, some models may close to such a short length, but there may be around 30-40mm (model dependent) of inner rail kit that sticks out after the back vertical mounting post. If your cabinet doesn’t have this 30-40mm then you’d need to remove the rear door – which isn’t very good for many reasons. Therefore we have a recommended cabinet size – however note this is only for guidance as it’s possible to move the vertical mounting posts in most cabinets forward/backwards which could affect this measurement.


Need more help?

Sure – We’ve created some installation and setup instructions which may help you with rail kits on our site here; https://www.servercase.co.uk/installation-setup-instructions/



If you need any further help please get in touch with our Technical Support Team; https://www.servercase.co.uk/technical-support/

Tech Help - Why does my rail kit not fit?

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