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Tech Help - Will a non-standard motherboard fit in your cases?

Published by Richard Parry on 21st Dec 2018

In our experience, unless your motherboard is a standard size then it will not fit in any standard chassis.

There are several standard sizes;




Mini ITX

6.7” X 6.7”

Micro ATX

9.6” X 9.6”


12” X 9.6”


12” X 10.5”


12” X 13”


There is more information on the ATX standard available to read on Wikipedia here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATX

In general, if you have a motherboard that is non-standard size this is usually because it is out of a system from a manufacturer such as DELL, HP, Lenovo etc. Whilst these boards may also seem a standard size, they often have a slightly different non-standard mounting system or IO shield area. In addition, many of these systems do not conform to the standard ATX PSU wiring – Be careful – Many DELL systems use a standard 24pin ATX connector, but the wiring is proprietary and if you use a standard off the shelf ATX PSU it is likely to cause damage to the board and/or PSU.

If you have a motherboard from Supermicro that’s a non standard size then it is likely only going to work in specific chassis models – There are several extended boards which are much wider than normal EATX (EEB) sizes and these are proprietary boards, only compatible with specific Supermicro chassis.

If you’re unsure of the case that will fit your board please get in touch and one of our solution specialists would be happy to help.

Tech Help - Will a non-standard motherboard fit in your cases?

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