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The features of Quadro

Published by Richard Parry on 19th Feb 2020

So, you may be wondering, what exactly separates Quadro from the rest and why does everyone talk about it? Server Case UK group can explain the features of Quadro that distinguish it from competitors and make Quadro cards the ideal solution for creative professionals.

Quadro has several, crucial tools for use in multiple industries, by professionals. Quadro’s unique nView Desktop manager manages multiple screens over an entire workspace, streamlining the entire project at hand. Management tools like nView are becoming even more of a necessity due to the magnitude of data, professionals must deal with, in the modern age. Efficient use of time and resources is key and is made exceedingly efficient and flexible through use of nView.

Quadro cards offer multi-GPU support, allowing multiple cards to be used in tandem to intelligently allocate GPU resources to those tasks which need them most. Whether it be design, rendering or seismic activity interpretation, a Multi-GPU system will greatly improve workflow by cutting down processing times drastically when working with large datasets. By having a graphics card and CPU in a single system you have the best of both worlds and a device suited to whatever your day-to-day requirements are.

NVIDIA Quadro Sync connects NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and synchronises them with the displays attached to them. The Warp and blend feature allows multiple video outputs to be blended into a continuous image, and warped to fit different display shapes if needed. Coupled with NVIDIA’s multi-display technologies, MOSIAC and SYNC, you can easily display a continuous image with bezel correction across up to 16 high-resolution panels or projectors from a single server or workstation. This capability is most useful in the finance and digital signage industries which can all be further improved through nView. This optimised control is what helps Quadro stand out and lead the industry in GPUs for professionals.

With Quadro-powered servers or workstations, aside from the quality of these features, its their compatibility with each other, as demonstrated by SYNC, MOSAIC and Warp and Blend all working together, that the professional in question will benefit from most. Once you’ve purchased a Quadro-powered server or workstation we have recommended for your professional needs, you are ready to begin your new streamlined workflow. When you purchase a workstation from us, it just works!

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The features of Quadro

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