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Water Cooled Workstations and Servers from In-Win

Published by Richard Parry on 14th Apr 2020

If general knowledge has taught us one thing, it’s that water and electronics don’t mix well. It’s what we are all taught to expect. To some, the idea of cooling your PC or server through water seems dangerous and a risk to the components in the system. In actuality, Water-cooling should be seen as an alternative to air-cooling, with its own unique advantages, rather than as an experimental and unsafe risk.

The purpose of cooling is to prevent the components, mainly the GPU and CPU, from overheating, which would likely cause permanent damage to them. Generally, the process of water-cooling involves a pump sending non-ionising water to a water block, (which acts the same way a heatsink does in a build with fans). The water is passed around the tubes whilst absorbing the thermal energy given off by the components and passing that same heat to a radiator in the build. A fan then removes the heat from the radiator and the case of the system.

There are still several stigmas and misconceptions around water-cooling which likely dissuade plenty of businesses from utilising it. Aside from the obvious and most major idea of not wanting water near your electronics, there is the debate of if a water-cooled system is any more efficient than an air-cooled one. The answer is yes. Because liquids are more efficient at heat transfer than gases are, the water will take the heat from the components quicker than air does, leading to the system being cooled quicker.

Another valid concern is “How necessary is water-cooling compared to what can be done with air-cooling”? For a simple gaming build, we feel that air-cooling is sufficient, however, with our speciality in high-end custom servers and workstations which are crucial to your business, we know that the components have the potential to consume considerably more power and exude considerably more heat, meaning water-cooling maybe a necessity. 

Aside from our range of In-Win chassis some of which have been created with water-cooling as a priority, we can alleviate your water-cooling ailments through our Velocity Workstations brand, which offers bespoke systems to suit your professional needs, including custom water-cooling installations if you wish.

For more information on our water-cooling capable range of In-Win chassis, consult our website through the link below. Or, if you’d like to learn more about our Velocity Workstations brand and the water-cooled solutions we can create for you, please contact Will Morris, our Workstation sales specialist, at [email protected].

Server Case UK’s In-Win page: https://www.servercase.co.uk/our-brands/in-win/

VelocityWS website: https://www.velocityws.com/

Water Cooled Workstations and Servers from In-Win

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