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Why Quadro?

Published by Richard Parry on 12th Feb 2020

NVIDIA’s Quadro GPUs are designed for workplace professionals who want to work to a high standard, in an efficient manner. Today, I’ll be discussing how Quadro cards enable this productivity and most importantly, why your businesses could benefit from using them.

The range of Quadro graphics cards is primarily why NVIDIA are the market leader in the visual computing sector, and why Quadro cards are so appealing across many industries. Each card that is available, exists for a certain demographic. Aspects that differ between these cards range from number of CUDA cores and amount of GPU memory, to the maximum supported resolution and maximum power consumption of those cards.

For those workers on the move, NVIDIA offers a range of mobile products, using their range of thin and light graphics cards. Now mobile workers don’t have to compromise with their choice of device. It’s the unparalleled accessibility of a Quadro solution, which makes it so useful to creative professionals.

NVIDIA’s professionalism is best demonstrated by the security and reliability you get when purchasing Quadro products; which is unparalleled. Both are vital due to the importance of the workflows these cards will be used for, everything from medical imaging to in-depth manufacturing and design. As such, Quadro cards have a long lifespan and support period because of how they are used within these industries. For example, because medical certifications last 18 months and beyond, a Quadro card needs to be available and supported for this time. The 3-year warranty on all NVIDIA cards, as fulfilled by PNY professional solutions, ensures the card is covered for double the time of the certification. This proves that Quadro cards are built for longevity.

If these cards falter, it will have a knock-on effect on the whole project which will result in a loss of time and finance. Quadro will not falter if the correct card is placed in the correct server or workstation to fulfil the correct task. On the contrary, NVIDIA GeForce gaming cards aren’t put through vigorous testing or certified for professional use. They may be cheaper, but how much time and money will you lose if they develop a fault and your workload slows, or even halts, for a few days?

Meanwhile, you can make a slightly larger investment and purchase a Quadro card from the Server Case UK group which has been certified for use with 100+ professional, independent software vendor applications. Furthermore, Quadro is made to last as shown by the warranty, support and lifespan of Quadro cards. It has several features only useful to professionals: like GPU direct for video and Quadro sync. A GeForce card is designed for gamers. It is licensed out (Different companies manufacture it under the same product name), and quick to market due to their short lifespan. NVIDIA make all the Quadro cards either in house, or through their exclusive partner PNY professional solutions and as such have a consistent quality. Due to this, Quadro’s have extended warranties and driver support. This is the peace of mind and longevity you get when you purchase a Quadro product from us.

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Why Quadro?

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