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Why switch from XP to Windows 7

Published by Richard Parry on 2nd Apr 2013

If you bought your PC between 2001 and 2006, you’ve probably grown accustomed to the mechanics of Windows XP. But Microsoft releases a new version of Windows every few years. That leaves the nagging question, why bother upgrading to Windows 7 when Windows XP works just fine?

Microsoft, of course, hopes that everybody will immediately switch to Windows 7. But many XP users have been scared off by the idea of upgrading by the perpetually buggy Windows Vista. Microsoft is hoping that the following features will make XP users more inclined to make the big move.

DVD burning: Windows 7 can copy files and movies to DVDs as well as CDs. Its DVD Maker program gathers your vacation photos and burns a slick slideshow onto a DVD, ready for passing out to every yoga retreat attendee.

Easier file searches: Windows XP really dragged its feet when searching for files—taking anywhere from minutes to days (to search for a word within a file). Windows 7, by contrast, spends its idle time fine-tuning an index of every word on your hard drive. Type a word from a file’s name or contents into the Start menu’s Search box, and Windows 7 quickly finds the goods.

New Internet Explorer: Windows 7’s new Internet Explorer 8 lets you surf the Web more easily and securely. It still has the old standbys — tabbed browsing, RSS feeds, and a filter alerting you to potential fraudulent sites.

Improved look and "user experience": Windows 7 is all about the "user experience." They’ve streamlined the physical appearance, shortcuts, and intuitiveness of Windows so that you get the flashiness that Vista was supposed to provide while improving functionality.

Media Centre: This entertainment centre not only plays DVDs and music, but also lets you watch TV on your PC and even record shows onto your hard drive for later viewing.

Increased Security and Compatibility: With the innovations in Windows 7 your operating system is more secure and better equipped for a business in the year 2013. Due to UAC (user account control) windows 7 makes downloading and installing programs that little bit more secure.

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