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Workstations rather than Desktops?

Published by Richard Parry on 26th Feb 2020

In a business, it’s safe to say that staff want the best tools at their disposal to complete their tasks. The best toolkits are usually so because they cater to professionals within a specific audience and offer the peak software which that audience would need. With intensive hardware requirements needed to use these applications to their fullest, a professional workstation is crucial to success. Workstations offer the higher performance, stability and reliability that professionals need. You can’t cheap out with the machines your business is built on. If your foundations fall, the rest will follow. A regular desktop PC just can’t use these tools to the same standard, which would be reflected in the work produced. In today’s world, which is full of competitors, one sub-par final product can lose you that client for good. When you consider how much revenue you can make from repeat purchasing, loyal customers, how little is the cost of purchasing a workstation over a desktop PC?

Aside from running applications better than desktops, workstations also have GPU computing opportunities unique to them, such as tools like Designworks and Gameworks, which are available as features in NVIDIA Quadro cards. These tools are exclusively available on powerful-enterprise level Quadro powered workstations and includes Software Development Kits, libraries and samples for the industry in question. Common workstation users include engineers, designers, artists, animators, analysts, geophysicists, researchers and traders. If your business includes professionals within these roles, they should be using Quadro-level equipment with these Workstation features like Designworks and Gameworks.

Looking at Workstations from a different viewpoint, they are designed to be much more customisable than the desktop PCs that some vendors sell. We specialise in providing workstations to match your exact requirements, and in a form factor convenient for you. Gone are the days of massive towers of computing power being necessary to edit, create and design. Today this power can be accessed in a small laptop or mini server solution, so you don’t have to compromise with your work environment. Furthermore, the customised nature of our servers and workstations lends greatly towards being upgradable in the future, as the needs of your business change.

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Workstations rather than Desktops?

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