Ceratech considers itself a 'focused' company, concentrating on key product lines. Our company objectives remain the same as they were in 1981....

eratech Electronics Ltd was established in 1981. The past 30 years have seen a succession of products supplied into mainline Distribution and high street retailers. Ceratech prides itself on being fiercely independent, highly service driven and above all professional.

In the past 13 years, Ceratech established its own brand to cater for the growing needs of the company. The name 'Accuratus' was established and is now widely recognised both in the UK and Europe. Ceratech also selects products from other factories around the world for penetration across Europe. With attention to detail and working closely with manufacturers, Ceratech will often influence the design, function and packaging. This partnership ensures that products offered are not just traded but more significantly are supported by a high degree of technical competence matched with courteous professionalism.

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