Casio was founded in 1957 with the development of a revolutionary calculator. Casio’s small, fast calculator greatly increased office efficiency, and before long people had their own personal calculators. Thanks to this technology, it is easy now for anyone to perform calculations, leaving people free to concentrate on creative thinking. Over the years, Casio has developed many other groundbreaking products. Our watches became critical tools for planning and living daily life. Our electronic dictionaries provide a wealth of knowledge in a tiny package. Our electronic musical instruments deliver the joy of playing music for people of all skill levels, and our digital cameras make it easy to turn the excitement of the moment into a precious memory. All of these developments supported people's intellectual creativity, and that is the essence of how we see Casio's role in the world.
Casio's corporate creed is “Creativity and Contribution.”In other words, Casio plays a useful role in the lives of people by creating new products and services that did not exist before. Our consistent approach to product development is to never copy others, but to create something from nothing and produce new value by going from “0” to “1.” In our unceasing quest to find out what people truly need, we continue to provide consumers with unique features that no one has ever thought of before.
Casio has been selling its products outside Japan since the 1970s. In addition to the Casio brand name, which is instantly recognizable worldwide, we have also developed many strong product brands. Leveraging these powerful assets, our aim today is to achieve even broader and deeper penetration of the global market. In 2012, we began fullscale direct sales in Brazil, as part of our development of high-growth emerging markets. We also recently built a new plant in Thailand to enhance our total production capacity. Our highly efficient production system continues to evolve, ensuring the timely provision of high-quality Casio products anywhere in the world.
There is potentially unlimited demand for products that can fulfill human needs that are not currently being met. As we discover new unmet needs and create completely new markets, it benefits not only Casio's specific stakeholders, but also society as a whole. We believe that creating new value and paving the way for a more affluent and diverse future helps to build a more sustainable world and fosters human development. Casio intends to contribute to the advancement of humankind by improving our own technologies and constantly seeking to re-invent ourselves.




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