DICOTA is a leading quality carry solutions brand present through a distribution network, local subsidiaries, agents and partners in Europe, Asia and the US. We continually adapt our design, production and supply chain capabilities in response to shortened device lifecycles and growing consumer demand for protective solutions. We minimize environmental impact throughout our products’ lifecycles with careful material selection and production monitoring. 
DICOTA designs and manufactures innovative, durable and stylish carry solutions and accessories for personal media devices. Our portfolio is made up of bags, tablet and smartphone cases and mobile office solutions. The DICOTA offering also includes a range of practical accessories such as mice, locks, USB hubs, keypads and screen products.
DICOTA has 20 years’ experience designing quality carry solutions and protective products. Our designers apply their extensive insight into how people use their personal media devices to develop unique products with smart details that enhance their functionality and help you to “Protect your world”.
DICOTA bags include shoulder bags, backpacks, rollers, sleeves and briefcases. We also design cases for smartphones made by leading brands such as Apple, Sony, Nokia and BlackBerry. DICOTA’s mobile office range incorporates robust and elegant carry solutions and related accessories that provide ample space for your printer, projector, and documents, laptops and tablets – all you need to have a fully functioning office on the move.

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Dicota Leather Book Case for iPad Mini

Dicota D30638

Dicota Leather Book Case for iPad Mini

20.12 Inc. VAT
16.77 Ex. VAT
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