Our Mission

Through innovation, we simplify and enhance the lives of customers and consumers better than anyone else.

About Us
Batteries are just the beginning.

We love our Energizer Bunny® and Mr. Energizer®. Who doesn’t? Their endless energy is adored by millions and they couldn’t be better representatives of our Energizer® brand. But Energizer Holdings is much more than batteries. In fact, we’re made up of 30 established consumer brands the world over, from Schick® and Wilkinson Sword® shaving systems to Banana Boat® sunscreens. So while you likely knew us first for batteries, we invite you to be like the Energizer Bunny® -- Keep Going® – and see how much larger Energizer Holdings really is.

160 countries and counting.

Pick a country. Any country. Chances are, you’ll find our products there. That’s because Energizer Holdings has operations in 50 countries and distribution in more than 160 countries. OK, not Antarctica. But we like the way you think.

We love a challenge.

While many of our brands are stars in their fields, we’re always looking for new ways to improve. You see, there’s something of a challenger spirit here. We think it is best expressed by the phrase, “Keep Challenging, Keep Growing.” Part motivational mantra, part way of life, “Keep Challenging, Keep Growing” represents our shared belief in constantly challenging ourselves to find better, smarter, more innovative ways to do things. No matter the brand, no matter the location, you’ll find us upending traditional thinking on everything from product features to marketing ideas, conservation, even strategies in company sporting events. It’s kind of a thing around here. In a good way.




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