To protect the privacy of customers through innovation in personal information security: this is the Mission of KeySecurePC ™, Swiss Patent no. 0363/11 c/o Federal Institution for Intellectual Property Rights, 65/59g Stauffacherstrasse, CH-3003 Bern, Switzerland.

Experts with decades of experience in the Internet, Information Security, Data Protection and Consultants to major Government and private International Institutions have for 2 years managed a team of highly-skilled and internationally-experienced IT professionals to design and produce a one-of-a-kind product for convenience and security.

The Patent and the Product were developed by programmers located all over the world, working continuously via the Internet.

Security Stress Testing and other reliability and security tests on KeySecurePC ™, including Preliminary Penetration Testing to assess the possibility or risk of a successful attack against the KeySecurePC ™ system, are carried out by CRS4.

KeySecurePC ™ has also given CRS4 irrevocable authorisation to involve other International Scientific and/or Academic Institutions and the Internet Community in assessing each intrinsic critical element in KeySecurePC ™ or related to the way it is used and to publicly disclose the results of these tests over the Internet.

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