To produce and globally distribute unique carrying equipment for portable electronics.


Krusell was founded in 1991. Today the group consists of the following companies: Krusell United AB, Krusell International AB, Krusell Thailand Co Ltd and Krusell Industrial Co Ltd.

Krusell International AB with 130 million SEK in turnover, an annual production of over 3 million cases, and more than 500 employees is a Swedish company exporting high-end cases around the world. After close to 20 years in the cell phone industry, Krusell is established as one of the leading brands in its niche. Besides cases for mobile phones, Krusell also produces cases for digital cameras, laptops, MP3-players, GPS and portable gaming. Moreover, Krusell are a subcontractor to Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Honda, Toyota and LG. The headquarters of Krusell are located in Mölndal, Sweden.

Our goal is to work with distributors all over the world. Presently, we have distributors in over 55 countries (2011). Over 7000 retailers worldwide sell products assembled with the unique Multidapt®-system. The main outlets for our products are telecom and computer dealers, department stores and the brown goods sector. In the industrial field we work with sub-contractors as well as major OEMs.

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Screen Protector Tablet

Krusell 20137

Screen Protector Tablet

6.59 Inc. VAT
5.49 Ex. VAT
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KrusellScreen Protector Transparent

Krusell 20119

KrusellScreen Protector Transparent

7.42 Inc. VAT
6.19 Ex. VAT
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Krusell Gaia Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 40.6 cm (16

Krusell 71150

Krusell Gaia Carrying Case (Briefcase) for 40.6 cm (16") Notebook - Black

51.60 Inc. VAT
43.00 Ex. VAT
Stock (24)
Krusell Gaia Carrying Case (Sleeve) for 45.7 cm (18

Krusell 71233

Krusell Gaia Carrying Case (Sleeve) for 45.7 cm (18") Notebook - Red

64.30 Inc. VAT
53.58 Ex. VAT
Stock (8)