LM Technologies

LM Technologies

LM Technologies Ltd is a leading manufacturer of wireless cable replacement product lines, with our focus in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology aimed at the cable replacement sector.

Our product range includes;  wireless SMT modules, Serial and USB adapters used within industrial markets such as; IT, Telecoms, Retail/POS, Industrial Automation, Building Facility, Medical, Security, M2M & Vending.

LM Technologies Ltd has been focussed on Bluetooth adaptors and modules since 2004. As the wireless industry is constantly evolving, LM’s development road map ensures the latest technologies are available to our distributors and their customers,  in order to meet the technical challenges of today’s market.

LM promotes its products through a global network of distributors, resellers and systems integrators. Our distribution chain of experienced solution providers enables LM to focus our time on manufacturing, R&D and technical support.

Our products are mainly based around the CSR brand of IC’s as LM maintains a close working relationship with CSR. LM has been a member of the SIG Association (Bluetooth’s governing body) for six years and a full member for the past three.

A combination of quality and competitively priced components that have been thoroughly tested before being approved has helped LM maintain extremely low faults found within any returns. As of June 2010 when LM reached 1 million products manufactured our returns rate was 0.047% while still maintaining a price advantage against our key competitors.

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