Netc, The Media Barcode Label Experts™, was founded to provide customers with an accessible, comprehensive and cost-effective desktop software solution for creating quality, just-in-time media barcode labels.
The Netc Label System solution is comprised of Netc Label Software and Netc Blank Label Stock. The Netc eXpress Label Service and Netc eXpress Tape Cartridge Service were created for those clients who are time and/or personnel constrained and prefer to have Netc do the work for them. The enthusiastic acceptance of our products and services in the global marketplace has validated our belief that world-class products and services create worldwide opportunities for success.

Disaster Recovery Planning? The Safety Netc Disaster Recovery Solution is a key component for any comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. The Netc Label System, Netc Blank Label Stock , Netc eXpress Label Service, Netc eXpress Tape Cartridge Service, and the Netc Worldwide Network of Service Centers and resellers ensure you have the media labels and storage products and services you want, wherever you want them, and when you need them the most. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem. Join the Safety Netc disaster recovery program today!

Netc's mission is to continue to provide our customers with superior products and services that are comprehensive, functional and deliver excellent price performance. Our customers' valued input is essential to our ongoing mission to continually improve our products and services.

Need Help? Contact Server Case UK today on 0800 652 1649 for product support.

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