Port Designs

Port Designs

Although the company has been in existence for 18 years, it was transformed 8 years ago when Stephane Tripot and Cameron Wilson took over and decided to give it a new impulse and direction. Since then, the company has increased its workforce (it now employs 40 people) and multiplied its sales by 40, which led to a 30 to 40% growth a year over the last 8 years.

Design, innovation, and prestigious customers

To become one of the leading experts in the protection and carriage of transportable technologies, and to answer quickly to the needs and requirements of the market, PORT has created its own Design Studio in Paris.

PORT has signed strong partnerships with the main distributors of the IT market, both in retail and corporate distribution.
The diversity of PORT products enables the company to meet every need, on every market; whether it is about final customers, resellers, small and medium companies, key accounts, or public markets like, among others, the education market.

- PORT Designs solutions equip today’s leading CAC40 companies like Air France, Dassault, KPMG, EDF, Safran, Thales, Sanofi-Aventis…
- Through strategic partnerships with local public administrations, PORT has been providing more than 120,000 middle-school students with notebook cases for the last four years.

In 2009, PORT Designs became No. 1 in the French market for "computers bags" and our aim is to replicate this across all of Europe and become the leading brand of computer bags.

The expansion towards the Middle-East and Eastern Europe markets enabled PORT to export its expertise in this sector and promoting our ‘Designed in Paris’ strap line has seen major growth opportunities. During the last DCC trade fair in Dubai, PORT Europe was awarded “Best Product Design 2008”. The most competitive professionals working in the Middle East wanted to recognise our teams’ efforts of creativity and innovation in the development of notebook cases.

In 2007, the management of PORT Designs decided, that in order to prepare for the future we would join with a financial partner. Thus, CIC-Finance, through CIC-Investissement Est, started participating in the funding of PORT.
The organic growth of the company is supported by 3 main factors: the expansion on new geographical markets (PORT Designs is already actively present in more than 25 markets), a great reactivity on new market segments, and a competitive and enthusiastic team.

Despite a difficult European economic context, PORT Designs should organically sustain its 20% growth in 2010.

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