From prototype to large-scale production

The range of applications encompasses everything from automotive and computer, cell phones and medical equipment, right up to measuring and security systems. We manufacture prototypes or large series of batteries, standard versions or tailored to customer specifications. Our Power Pack Solutions department identifies the perfect solutions for meeting the requirements of a particular piece of equipment.


Battery experts for OEM and retail applications

VARTA Microbattery is an internationally leading and globally active manufacturer of retail and OEM batteries and has been operating for more than 125 years. Our customers include the foremost electronics companies, and our range of batteries encompasses all key electrochemical systems, and all shapes and sizes.

Technologies for the future

Each year, VARTA Microbattery invests an considerable percentage of its revenue in research and development. As a result, we are regularly able to present pioneering new battery technologies. The most recent examples, which have gained market maturity, include gas generation cells and battery storage for renewable energies. Two of our current research projects are focusing on batteries for electric cars and printed batteries.

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