Zigor is a global supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products that launched in the UK in September 2008. Both the headquarters and distribution centre are located in Northamptonshire, in Central England, providing UK customers with a fast and flexible delivery service.

We place great importance on customer-led product innovation, providing tailored solutions for retailers, distributors and end-users. Our extensive UPS product range offers high quality, reliable UPS systems for a wide range of applications including small and medium-sized business, large commercial organisations, data centres, industrial facilities, public and education sectors.

Zigor UK is part of Zigor Corporation S.A., an international producer of energy conversion systems, electronic power devices and renewable energy solutions. Zigor Corporation SA  has its international headquarters in Spain, with commercial offices and Subsidiaries in Mexico, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentia, Hong Kong, UK, Portugal and New Zealand. Research and product development is based in Spain along with the manufacture of tailored solutions, high-end and renewable energy systems.

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