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Published by Richard Parry on 24th Aug 2016


ASUSTeK Computer Inc.  are a multinational hardware company based in Taiwan.
They produce such products as:

Desktop PCs, Laptop PCs, Mobile Phones, Projectors, MotherboardsGPU Graphics CardsServers / Workstations, Tablet PCs


The ASUS RS200-E9-PS2 features Quad Server-Class LAN Controllers to improve such applications as those running virtualisation.  The added benefit of Quad LAN Teaming improves the bandwidth (x4) and a built-in failover provides an uninterrupted network connection.

The compact design (15.08”) of this Chassis plays a large part in space and money saving, allowing for much more density per rack.  However, this does not compromise its power and efficiency.  For example, it uses Beat Thermal Choke III to operate 3°C lower to reduce power consumption, giving it a lifespan of 136.9 Years running at 65°C.

As an added extra (and as part of the ASUS Remote-Server-Control range), this Chassis incorporates out-of-band ASMB8-iKVM and in-band ASWM Enterprise, allowing users to monitor the status of all of their servers remotely from one graphical UI.

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