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Named Brand Servers VS Lesser. Which would I choose?

Published by Richard Parry on 10th Jul 2013

Okay so working in IT I often get asked what is the better brand for my IT products. I get asked if I would buy HP and Dell products over cheaper but still high quality products of other smaller brands.

Personally I find the products of lesser known brands such as Supermicro, Chembro and even our own brand servercase much more attractive to the eye than HP and Dell servers and great value for money. Take for example the Supermicro SuperServer 5017C-MF, a great looking little server with a great spec that’s price could definitely stand up to other more expensive servers from other larger brands.

Being so small as well, this 1U Rackmount has a lot to offer a small to medium business in terms of power as well as space saving compared to other larger servers. Given the specs of this machine it’s a wonder it’s not flying above the servers of the better known brands such as Dell and HP but alas this unsung office hero with a great spec is nowhere near as popular as the larger brands and is unlikely ever to be in its product lifetime.

But for those of you reading this blow, I would say go, break free of the business stereotype of HP and Dell and buy this smaller, cheaper server and be blown away by the build quality, the great spec and the bargain price.
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Named Brand Servers VS Lesser. Which would I choose?

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