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Raritan PDUs & KVMs

Published by Richard Parry on 23rd Aug 2016

Raritan are a worldwide distributor of:


Power Distribution Units

DCIM Software

KVM Switches

Audio Visual Equipment

Rack mount Console Drawers

and much more…..


This article will concentrate on their 2 Lead Products


PDUs (Power Distribution Units)

KVMs (Keyboard, Video and Mouse Switch)


Smart Rack PDU



Raritan have over 25 Years experience working with PDUs, 

in which time they have adapted their own style with such

unique selling points as the use of different colours to

identify incoming feeds.  Alongside this they use Secure Lock

outlets and power cords, which cannot be accidentally unplugged

or vibrate loose.


Their integrated “Magical USB” Ports allow for increased

connection possibilities such as USB Wifi, Faster Setup through

USB Sticks, Cascading multiple PDUs, improved security with

USB cameras, plus connections to many universal devices such as



All Raritan PDUs are protected with levels of encryption which meet

government, military and IT Security standards, ensuring the highest

security on all your data, user logins and connections


Alongside all of this, their DCIMs configurable dashboard can be used

to track all power loads, trends, capacity and even temperature in real-time.  





Also having over 20 Years experience in KVM, serial and remote-access solutions, 

Raritan encompasses 5 generations of products in over 50,000 worldwide locations.

With advances in Cloud Based Technology, their KVMs now allow BIOS-level access to

PCs and Servers remotely, giving you the freedom to re-boot, re-image, monitor or

troubleshoot your machine from anywhere


Audio and Video streaming over IP can now be available in much higher quality,

HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and even BLU RAY Quality up to 30 Frames

Per Second utilising Raritans new KXIII Usr Station


Rairtans KVMs support the broadest array of Video Formats available on the market.  With

VGA, HDMI, DVI and Display Port being the most popular / common


As with the PDUs, the security encompassed by Raritans KVMs meets government and

military grade standards, encryptions and authentifications and, again as with their PDUs,

they are accessible remotely through BIOS-level access on iPhone and iPad


Other Raritan KVM features include:


Dual Power Supplies

Dual Gigabit LAN with automatic failover

Remote Power Control Connection

Secure Remote Management



For more information on PDUs, KVMs or any of the products from the Raritan range:


Call: 0800 652 1649

Email: [email protected]

Live Chat with us on our Homepage www.servercase.co.uk


We look forward to hearing from you

Raritan PDUs & KVMs

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