CRS PS2 Industrial Grade PSU 460W 80+ Bronze with 8 cm Fan

CRS PS2 Industrial Grade PSU 460W 80+ Bronze with 8 cm Fan
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General Description:
This is the specification of Model CRS-C8546-08;AC-line powered switching power supply with active PFC(Power Factor Correction)circuit,meet EN61000-3-2 and with full range Input features.Also,+5Vsb power is less than 0.5W input at power off mode(PS_ON input at high state)which is comply with ErP Lot 6 year 2013 requirement.

Input Electrical specifications

2.1 AC input
Parameter Min. Nom. Max. Unit
Vin(115VAC) 90 115 135 VAC
Vin(230VAC) 180 230 265 VAC
Vin Frequency 47 -- 63 HZ

2.2 Inrush current
Maximum inrush current from power-on(with power on at any point on the AC sine)and including, but not limited to,three cycles,shall be limited to a level below the surge rating of the input line cord, AC switch if present, bridge rectifier, fuse, and EMI filter componemts. Repetitive ON/OFF cycling of the AC input voltage should not damage the power supply or cause the inout fuse to below.

2.3 Input line current & power factor(P.F.) (at full load)
AC input Input line current [email protected] Load [email protected]=75W
115V <5.5Amps-rms >0.95 >0.8
230V <3.0Amps-rms >0.9 >0.65

2.4 Efficiency
Loading Voltage Full Typical Light
Required Minimum Efficiency 115V 82% 85% 82%
Required Minimum Efficiency 230V 82% 85% 82%

Output Electrical Requirements:
3.1 Output Voltage and Current Rating
Output Min Load Nor Load Max Load Peak Load Load Reg. Line Reg. Ripple&Noise
+3.3V 0.1A 12A 24A +-5% +-1% 50mV P-P
+5V 0.2A 12A 24A +-5% +-1% 50mV P-P
+12V1 0.1A 8.5A 17A +-5% +-1% 120mV P-P
+12V2 0.5A 8.5A 17A 19A +-5% +-1% 120mV P-P
-12V 0A 0.25A 0.5A +-10% +-1% 120mV P-P
+5VSB 0A 1.25A 2.5A 3.5A +-5% +-1% 50mV P-P

- NEMKO EN 60950-1: 2001;A11- TUV EN 60950-1- CSA 60950-1- IEC 60950-1 : 2001
- UL 60950-1, First Edition- FCC CISPR22/1997(Class B Limit) - CE :
EN55022/2006(CISPR 22/2005) EN 55024/1998+A1/2001+A2/2003 EN 61000-3-2/2006
EN61000-3-3/1995+A1/2001+A2/2005 EN 61204-3/2000

The power supply reliability,when calculated by MIL-HDBK-217;latest revision,are exceed 100,000 hours with all output at maximum load and an ambient temperature of 25C.

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