4U Short Length Server Case w/ 16 x 3.5" Hot-Swappable SATA/SAS Drive Bays, 12Gb/s HD MiniSAS + 2 x 5.25" Bays

4U Short Length Server Case w/ 16 x 3.5" Hot-Swappable SATA/SAS Drive Bays, 12Gb/s HD MiniSAS + 2 x 5.25" Bays
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Product Description
Technical Details
Case Form Factor 4U Rackmount
Motherboard Compatibility Support ATX (12"x10.5"), Micro ATX (9.6" x 9.6"), ITX (6.7" x 6.7")
Drive Bays

External 5.25"

External 3.5" 0
Internal 3.5" 0
Internal 2.5" 4 (Each 5.25" Blank Enclosure Can House 4x 2.5" Bays)
Hotswap 3.5" 16
Hotswap 2.5" 0
Slim Optical 0
Slim FDD 0
Hot-Swap Backplane Four SFF-8643connectors support up to sixteen 6Gb/s 3.5" or 2.5" SATA (II or III) or 12Gb/s SAS hard drives or SSD's
Expansion Slots Full Height 7
Low Profile 0
Cooling 3 x 120mm Middle Fan Wall (Molex Power Input)
2x 80mm Rear 3-pin Fans
Power Supply Form Factor Standard ATX
Mini Redundant PSU (Note Requires Additional Bracket)
Front Panel Connectors, Switches & Indicators Power Switch YES
Reset Switch YES
USB 2.0 0
USB 3.0 2
Serial 0
Indicators Power, LAN, and HDD LEDs
Colour Silver
Material SGCC
Dimensions & Weights
Packaging Single Box
Dimensions ( W x D x H ): 19" x 21.65" x 7.0" (483mm x 550mm x 176mm)
Weight 16.8 kg (Approx)
What's Included
  • 1 x Chassis
  • 1 x Accessory Box



Reviews (4)

Customer Reviews

Simon Hoade

Im very pleased with the case so far. Its pretty good value for money and has a decent set of features. Its standard fare for a Logic Case unit and is quite similar to the previous ones Ive bought, in terms of design, quality, and fitment and finish. Great for budget builds and homelabs. With that said, be careful when youre building in the case particularly with the 120mm fans removed. Some of the edges are razer sharp and blood is a pain to clean off components. It would also be nice to have spare parts listed and available, specifically the backplanes which are probably the only thing that might fail, but they are proprietary and could be impossible to replace. The fans are also a little noisy but not bad for a system like this, but consider repalcements if the case will live near humans. Shout out to Gerrard for the easy sales process.

Review Submit 11th Apr 2023


This is well built case, has plenty of room for aftermarket CPU coolers. Its a big upgrade moving from a standard tower setup to hot-swappable case for my unraid server. The backplane power setup is a little tight on space, I recommend using some molex splitters just to keep the cable mess down. I wish PWM connectors was a little easier to connect up to the motherboard, either way I got it done with a few jumper wires. I ripped out the stock fans and dropped in arctic pressure optimised fans, important for pulling enough air though those 16 drives! The support I got Gerrard on live chat helped me out a lot, I was able to pick up the correct cables of amazon for the backplane connection, SFF 8087. I'm using two dell H200 raid cards crossflashed to IT mode, works perfectly. Shame the PCI slots are these cheap rip out stamp metal, would like to see replaceable plates. Airflow through the case is fairly good, it should be fine using only passively cooled heatsinks, temps will be kept in check. The caddies are a little on the cheap side, but do the job just fine. Overall its a good case for the price, I'd recommend it for a budget freenas or unraid server.

Review Submit 2nd Jun 2021

Mike Cumings

TL;DR: This is an excellent, well-built case. The tight quarters of its small form-factor do add some challenges, but these are not uncommon. I did run into a few minor areas for improvement (detailed below), but overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase and am mentioning them only to pass on knowledge I have gleaned. This chassis ended up being exactly what I was looking for, and as it turns out is the manifestation of a rare combination of features/traits. Among the features I was specifically looking for were, 1) high 3.5" storage density, 2) small form factor (4U was my absolute max), 3) use of a standard ATX power supply and motherboard, 4) silent operation, 5) effective cooling. I immediately replaced all fans with Noctua equivalents (without even trying the stock fans), given that I wanted a low acoustic signature. With that as context: The amount of storage density that is present in this case is excellent, providing 16 host swappable drive bays connecting to direct attach backplanes. Each tray has screw holes for mounting either 2.5" drives or 3.5" drives. The 4x direct attach backplanes are fed with a single molex plus a SFF-8087 connector and serve a horizontal row of 4 drives at SATA3 6Gb/s speed. The fan wall is excellent. The 120mm fans allow high airflow with less speed and therefore less noise. The fans plug into a backplane which is supplied power from a single molex connector. One thing I was pleasantly surprised by is the fact that this backplane supports 4-pin PWM control for each fan. Pins 1 and 2 are power and are fed in common by the single molex connector. Pins 3 and 4 from each fan are separately routed to a 6 pin header (2x3). I created a custom cable to attach these pins to my motherboard's connectors, giving me PWM control and monitoring of the 3 fans. This is excellent! As the other reviewer pointed out, cable management is tough given the tight spaces involved. This comes with the small form-factor territory though. I only had two minor issues, both of which were easily resolved by temporarily removing the fan wall: 1) Running the 4x Molex connectors to the HDD backplanes was tough, given the number of cables being run through the same small hole at the side of the fan wall, given that space is also needed to insert and remove the first fan as well as supply the fan power and pin-3/4 cables. 2) The holes in the sides of the fan wall were smaller than the connectors I needed to pass through. I solved this by removing one small piece of metal at the outside edge of the hole. Given the 120mm fan dimensions and the standard server width, there is very little room for actual improvement here but I wanted to mention it. Areas for potential improvement: The rear of the drive cage where the backplanes mount could be improved to allow better airflow, as the backplane boards themselves form a bit of a wall. There are holes at the back of the 5.25" bays which allow a lot of airflow from the 3.5" drive bays but if the 5.25" bays are filled this may result in less airflow around the 3.5" drives. I do not yet have my chassis significantly populated, so this is only speculation. It would be nice if the backplanes could be upgraded to SFF-8643 Mini-SAS HD connectors. This may be a problem limited to my specific scenario however, as my motherboard has 2x OcuLink connector for which there does not appear to be an OcuLink to SFF-8087 breakout cable available anywhere I searched. The PCI slot covers are break-off only. They cannot be replaced once broken off. It would be nice to have reusable ones that would better allow for reconfiguration of the PCI slots. Very nit-picky, but the LEDs on the front bleed a lot of light into their neighboring LEDs, making it difficult to tell which are actively illuminated and which are being illuminated by their neighbor. A bit of optical separation would help here. A more in depth photo gallery and/or a small, downloadable user manual to demonstrate the full capabilities of the case would be an easy win.

Review Submit 19th Oct 2020

Thomas Beetham

Hi, With regard to this product the overall impressions are favourable,although a manual of some description would not come amiss. The external construction is nice & solid.Although the fan wall is fine and is as expected, I think an obvious improvement would be an option to replace these 120mm fans with PWM silent running fans (with the appropriate increase in price if so desired).The unit runs cool with the existing fans. One negative point about the fan wall is that the molex connector is only held in place by one tiny screw & when a molex plug is pushed into place it shears this bracket,this is unavoidable if the purchaser is not aware of this weakness,I had to take out the fan wall to re-secure it. I think anybody with the room to spare would be better served with the bigger case (the sc-4316) as the cable clutter behind the fan wall,from the hdd cables would be better managed Hope this review helped Tom Beetham

Review Submit 21st Sep 2020

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