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Blade Servers - Good and Bad Points

Published by Richard Parry on 11th May 2016


At Server Case UK, aside from our range of almost 400 Makes and Models of Motherboard, we also offer a range of Blade Servers

"A Blade Server is a Server architecture that houses multiple Server Modules ("Blades") in a single Chassis. It is widely used in datacenters to save space and improve system management. Either self-standing or Rack Mounted, the Chassis provides the Power Supply, and each blade has its own Processor, Memory and Hard Disk."

Advantages to using a Blade Server

The compact design of a Blade Server Chassis allows for more easier Storage and Maintenance and more effective Cabling.  Also, with the possibility of consolidating Power Supply Units, there is reduced Power Consumption and this improves Power Management.  Aside from this, entire Blade Servers are Hot Swappable, allowing for Faulty, or Outdated Blade Servers to be removed from its Chassis without any Down-Time.  Another useful benefit is that all Blade Server Boards in a Blade Chassis do not need to be identical, although it is recomended that they are

Disadvantages of using a Blade Server

Blade Servers (especially Blade Chassis) can be expensive plus the initial set-up and configuration of a Blade System can be complex and labour-intensive.  A common blade setup uses up to 14 or 16 Servers, any less than this and it is not recommended.  Also, Blade Servers are commonly used for such tasks as emails and Web Serving and they are not recommended should you be looking to perform such tasks with memory limits or those that require high bus speeds.  Another disadvantage could be the amount of heat per Sq Ft that Blade Servers create, therefore requiring extra cooling

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