Norco Rackmount Case's

Norco cases are renowned for their ease of use, quality construction and value for money. Although our chassis are not branded as Norco, many of them are manufactured in the same factory to the same specifications and supplied to us direct for us to brand as our Server Case range.

If you’re looking for hot-swap then the Norco RPC-1204 is an excellent value for money 4 bay 1U hot-swap case. This chassis supports SATA hard drives and has 4 individual SATA connections, so you can connect these directly to the motherboard. The chassis is also short-depth so ideal for shorter server cabinets. The RPC-2106 is a 2U 6 bay hot-swap with support for extended and CEB motherboard and redundant PSU, the RPC-2308 with MiniSAS 8 bay hot-swap in an attractive 2U enclosure, the RPC-2212 with a 12 bay MiniSAS hot-swap, RPC-2132 a high density 32 bay 2.5” hot-swap chassis with full extended ATX motherboard and single or redundant PSU support in only a 2U rack chassis. The largest chassis we do is the RPC-4224, a 24 bay hot-swap chassis. Supporting a massive range of PSU’s this case accepts 24 SATA or SAS hard drives and uses MiniSAS connectivity to your RAID card of choice. Hot-swap fans are as standard too.

For non-hot-swap installations we also carry a wide range of models, including the Norco RPC-250, a short depth chassis ideal for expansion, the RPC-231 which is our most popular 2U short depth chassis. The RPC-450 and RPC-470 are also popular short depth 4U chassis and ideal for expansion, allowing a wide range of PSU’s, motherboards and internal drive configurations to be used.

Our most popular chassis is the Norco RPC-3216 which has 16x SATA/SAS hot-swap with MiniSAS connectors. The chassis supports all current motherboard sizes, including MicroATX, Standard ATX, Extended and CEB ATX. In addition the chassis support 2x 2.5” fixed hard drives, hot-swap fans and a slim-line optical CD drive. We have two versions of this chassis also. One that supports standard ATX PSU’s and the other supports either Single 2U PSU, or a 2U/3U Redundant PSU. Brackets are included with either model to support a wide range of PSU options.

If you’re looking to expand your current system then take a look at our SS-300 and SS-500 hot-swap modules. These support standard SATA hard drives, have an integrated fan. The SS-300 allows 3x hot-swap drives in 2x 5.25” bays. The SS-500 allows for 5x hot-swap drives in 3x 5.25” bays. No additional software or hardware is required.

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