PCI Riser Card's

Riser Cards are an important component when considering the installation of an expansion card into a 1U or 2U Rackmount server chassis.

The Riser Cards can come in many different sizes and configurations - from fixed configurations to ribbon risers.

Fixed Risers
These are the most popular and are best suited for use with cards that require support by their expansion connector. It is important to note that many of these risers must use the correct slot in the motherboard and therefore finding a suitable motherboard is critical, for both the primary connection as well as any secondary connections, should a 2U riser be used.

Ribbon Risers
These are used with a very bespoke or proprietary layout where a fixed riser cannot be used. It should be noted that ribbon risers cannot carry a high current, as they use a very thin and high density ribbon cable. This means many high powered expansion cards, such as graphics card will not function properly or could damage to the ribbon riser itself.

We have a huge selection of riser cards which allows connectivity for the following expansion connectors;

  • PCI 32bit
  • PCI 64bit
  • PCI-X
  • PCIe - The full range from 1x up to 16x

Choosing a PCI Riser can be complex so please call us on 01283 576162 to discuss your exact requirements and one of our trained sales team would be happy to help.




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